DOAG 2013 WebLogic 12.1.2 Talk

There is still the training day to come where you can learn about WebLogic 12.1.2 as well, but DOAG conference is almost over. I enjoyed it a lot, especially the increased number of OFM talks.


DOAG 2013 Conference


I’ve done my talk “10 Things You Should Know about WebLogic 12.1.2” yesterday. Apart from covering the 10 most exciting features I guess I mentioned at least half as many showstoppers and the audience seemed to appreciate it.

You can get the slides somewhere at the DOAG site (I guess) and from

doat talk


Glad to see that interest was huge and more than 100 people attended, including people standing at the side and in the back. The WebLogic training day on Friday will be next. It is fully booked as well. Looking forward to see you there!

I posted some more impressions on the WebLogic 12c Distinctive Recipes Site.

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