The ACE Director Thing

Yes, it is true.

I became an Oracle ACE Director! I was nominated in summer yet working in Sydney and Melbourne but travelling back to Munich I was just too busy to blog about it. This is of course a great honor: Being an ACE Director is playing in the Champions League.

What makes me feel even more flattered is that some of those people who I respect most at (and around) Oracle nominated me. Thanks to all of you! Also thanks to everybody who hired me for consulting work, attended my workshops or bought one of my books: ultimately you made this possible.

What it means

Well, hopefully this means that I can speak at some more conferences, exchange with other ACE dirs, establish better contacts with Oracle VPs and PMs, and possibly have a tiny little bit more impact on how Oracle Fusion Middleware is going to evolve.

What will change?

Nothing. Sincerely, not a thing. Those who know me understand that I am not at all looking for fancy titles to impress people. For me the question is if there will be a real benefit for my work – which means for my customers.

Myself, I will continue to write about technology which happens to be mostly Oracle. Oracle didn’t buy me (I got a logo and a T-shirt). Also in the future I will mention bugs, missing features and complain about architecture that doesn’t seem right. I will continue to write books and articles explaining how easily features can be used and in which situation they are useless. Also I will continue to explore new formats like in my WebLogic book.


Breaking News 2017

I nominated as an Oracle Developer Champion mid 2017.


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