Oracle Database on Docker Official Now!

Those of you using Docker will know that we had a Docker file provided by Oracle for creating an Oracle database image since quite a while. However, the Oracle database was so far not certified to run on Docker. This has changed now!

Oracle database on on a Docker container is now officially certified, you can refer to the MOS Doc ID 2216342.1. Don’t worry if you cannot access the link. So far it only states some very basic facts. Also those who know me will understand that I generally dislike postings referring to closed content such as my Oracle support – please regard this as an add-on if you have access to MOS.

How it works

  • There won’t be simple way to just issue a docker run command to get an Oracle DB running since there is no publicly available Docker image for Oracle database due to legal reasons.
  • You have to build your own Docker image from based on a directory that you can check out from github.

Oracle DB on Docker – What is supported

  • A single instance Oracle DB, either Oracle Database – Enterprise Edition – Version or Oracle Database – Standard Edition – Version
  • Docker containers running on Oracle Linux and Red Hat RHEL  x86-64

Oracle DB on Docker – What is not supported

  • Oracle RAC
  • Although not stated in the support notes there is probably more that is not supported, i.e. everything that is not explicitly listed (how about Golden Gate etc.?)


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