WLS Distinctive Book Give Away…

Guys, @wlscommunity has half my weight of the new WebLogic Distinctive Recipe book to give a away! I cannot imagine a better way to produce a huge drop in book sales :)


I recommend to tweet some fun Oracle / WLS community related pic. Shouldn’t be that difficult.

bE cReAtIve & do write a short review on Amazon!

Cloud Computing Workshop in Berlin

A Tad of Cloud Evangelism

It’s always a pleasure to travel to Berlin for various reasons. A fortnight ago I was running an AWS/Google/Netflix OSS/Cloud Management workshop for a non-disclosed European Agency. I had about 3 dozens of attendees working at the forefront of technology.




Yesterday a Thank-You letter from their director arrived.

“My people work on mosaic pieces… Your presentation showed the whole picture”.

Thanks a million! I makes me feel flattered.

New WebLogic 12.1.2 Webcasts Posted

Those of you who subscribed the WebLogic Book Youtube Channel already know that I published 2 additional webcasts (the 2014 edition of WebLogic Distinctive Recipes Book references them).

I).  Per Domain Node Manager

Note, that I keep receiving comments about the WebLogic 12c node manager bug.

II). WebLogic Server Templates

and Dynamic Cluster:

Oracle WebLogic Blog / Good Eats

Good eats.


Good to see that my new WebLogic book which is covering lots of features and showstoppers is mentioned on the Oracle WebLogic blog. Thanks!

Btw, anyone going to Open World? Drop me a line if you want to meet up for a coffee (or a sausage)!

New Webcasts

As mentioned already I will publish the new webcasts from the 2o14 edition of WebLogic Server 12c Distinctive Recipes book here. Don’t miss out – subscribe to youtube.com/weblogicbook

WebLogic 12c and Maven Part I:


WebLogic 12c and Maven Part II:


Server Templates: