Technology Quotes Series: Java One and Oracle Open World 2016

Yesterday I touched down in Frankfurt and got off the A380 after this year’s Oracle Open World conference. Regarding the event I had quite some expectations and to make it short most of them were fulfilled.

This year it seemed even bigger to me and I spent even more time commuting from Java One to Oracle Open World and vice versa. There were just too many exciting sessions I attended to list them all here.

Some Background

Certainly I understand that there is a lot of change in technology happening right now and for those not able to travel to OOW and/or Java One it is sometimes hard to follow.

Earlier this year, I designed a sticker. Surprisingly I received a lot questions about it. The kind of questions reminded me that some thoughts that keep me busy first of all are not related to your daily business.


The New Technology Quotes Series

This inspired me for my new Open World and Java One 2016 quotes series. Therefore instead of repeating the vendor announcements that you can read in other blogs, I decided to dig a little deeper on their best quotes.

In a series of postings I will quickly explain an inspiring, amusing, challenging or simply surprising tech quote from one of the conference sessions that stuck in my brain. As usual, I will avoid empty marketing phrases and instead focus on honest tech bits.

… so stay tuned!

Win a Oracle WebLogic Server and a Middelware and Cloud Computing


At this year’s Oracle Open World I will be gifting a total of 4 review copies of my books.  Opposite the official bookstore, right at the OTN Lounge.


Oracle Book raffle



To win: retweet the original Twitter announcement. I will pick a random retweet as the winner by Tuesday 13.00h and let you know. I suggest to follow me on Twitter so that I can inform you if you are the lucky winner. The winner can pick up the copy opposite the Oracle book shop at the OTN lounge at the following time only:

  • All books are given away in Moscone South, Tuesday 15.15h, right at the OTN lounge. In case of doubt ask for the OTN manager Bob Rhubart (left on the picture below).
  • There will be free beer at the OTN lounge at that time, so pass by say Hello and join us for a drink and a photo.


This is not a lottery. No purchase required. The winner is kindly asked to write a short review an

My Expectations for Open World 2016 Conference

I just arrived last night at SFO for Oracle Open World conference. This morning we will have the Oracle ACE director briefing updating us on Oracle’s upcoming tech under NDA.


My personal expectations for this year’s OOW are the following:

  1. major updates on Oracle Cloud
  2. Broader adoption of their Docker strategy (for the current strategy see my OTN Tour Latam 2016 presentation here)
  3. Hopefully cool announcements around microservices
  4. Smaller, but exciting updates on Oracle WebLogic Server, OSB and SOA Suite
  5. Enjoy listening to Sting playing at the appreciation event

Note, this post was written before attending the briefing and before being under NDA for a few days.


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-10-47-32 screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-10-46-23

OTN Tour Latin America 2016: Colombia

Oracle Technology Network Tour 2016 in Pereira

After 2015 in Cali, the OTN conference in 2016 for Colombia took place in Pereira. Pereira is a city located in an area that is famous for producing Colombia’s best coffee. And it is true, we saw coffee growing everywhere. Our hotel was located in spacious green area – a nice and welcome difference to the big cities I had seen so far on this trip.

The Conference

The conference was as well organized as last year by Giovanna Bohorquez Paez and her team from the Asociación de Usuarios Oracle de Colombia. It took place at the University of Pereira. We had live translation and live streaming to the world, so even my family could see me there presenting, fancy that! Due to the location we had a unique chance to speak to students and explain them about Oracle technology, e.g. why it is so much more than the database. Actually quite a few came straight to me and my colleagues to ask us questions! This is alone was worth the trip.


Again, I was giving some of the Oracle books away that I authored, and you can tell attendees loved it.



I spoke about Oracle Service Bus and the FUD about Microservices and I delivered a presentation about What You Should Know About WebLogic 12.2.1.



The Non-Conference Part

After my first presentation in Pereira, i.e. after a total of 11 presentations and the same number of air conditioned plane rides and hotel stays, my voice totally was devastated. Tea with honey helped a lot, so I could deliver my second presentation the other day.

After the first day we had a great conference dinner! You can tell from the photo that everybody was really satisfied 🙂


After the conference I spent a couple of days 0n my own expenses to see the Museo del Oro (gold museum) in Bogota and the Botero museum – both are excellent and I highly recommend seeing them.

Gold, gold, gold:


Impressions from Botero:


OTN Tour Latin America 2016: Peru

Oracle Technology Tour 2016: Lima

I have been there for the second time now, and Lima is always a good to me. I like the city, its food, its people, and the great places to go. This year I was staying closer to the sea and the popular Larcomar.

The Conference

The OTN Lima 2016 conference was in a more central hotel and offered a number of great auditoriums. I gave 2 books away based on the number guessing game that I learned from Heli. Before I gifting them they were perfectly guarded at the ladies at the reception. Seemed like none of my books ever got more attention :-).



Anyway, the audience was really interested in OFM as well. I spoke about What You Should Know about WebLogic 12c (12.2.1) and Docker Containers in the Oracle Universe.

After my presentation I had some good discussions and one even involved me drawing some impromptu technical solution design at the white board. So everyone was happy at the end.

20160806_170848 20160806_171206

The Non-Conference Part

With 3 hours left in Lima I headed to one of the best Ceviche places (according to 3 out of 3 cab drivers!) – instead of going directly to the airport with some extra headspace. Obviously I arrived late at the airport but it was worth it. Lovely food, fab atmosphere, great people and good music at the ceviche place place vs. 30 minutes more waiting at the airport. Should I post the name of the restaurant here? Those in the know can tell from the pic I guess.