We’ve got a track record of running trainings, symposiums, workshops and tutorials for some of the biggest companies all over the world.

munz & more is proud to offer its own high-end training curriculum for Oracle end users based on more than 12 years industry experience in architecture, development, operations and training.

Apart from our expert level in Oracle, SOA and Cloud Computing we know the competitors and the open source alternatives. We are proud to be critical and independent. Oracle honoured this with the Oracle Technologist of the Year and Oracle ACE Director award for Dr. Frank Munz.

Our Courses

We work hard to provide content which is far beyond any standard course. Our courses are typically run by Dr. Frank Munz himself – we strongly believe you should listen to those with a proven success record doing large scale projects.

  • All courses come with superb quality printed documents at no extra charge.
  • Our aim is to cover what you really need to know, including all tools, to be successful with your own projects. Since this is not an official Oracle training, we are happy to  spend time demonstrating all the free open source tools which will support you.
  • And certainly you can take the course demo applications and labs home for further explorations.
  • Our class rooms are always located in the city center, providing good coffee, free internet and other amenities.
  • There is no need to mention that we use suitable hardware, because we like to show how to set up real distributed system.

Have a look at the current course curriculum: