(almost) better than Swiss chocolate






Thank you SOUG for mentioning my book and sending me a fabulous hamper for my statement why I enjoy being a member of the Swiss Oracle User group. I enjoy it even more now – cheers!

Here is the winning statement (German only): http://www.soug.ch/


Hello and welcome to all of you,

Have a look around my redesigned web site. I can still remember when I set up my first personal web site in the pre-google era. Must have been around 1996. That site wasn’t changed then for many years (5) since there was no reason to do so (and not that much content). Anyway, since it was pre-google there are no traces left …

Now, of course, things are different. I am going to add more content during the following weeks (time permitting :-)).

So enjoy, do leave a comment and have a great evening!