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Results for survey: AUSOUG 2012 Cloud Workshops

Question 8

Your comment on this workshop
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12721060Thanks to organizers. Please bring Frank again. May be to InSync12
12731260Really good. I'll be buying the Cloud book. :-)
12749063Very good!
12767148Good introduction to cloud computing concepts and definition with practical demonstration of potential of IaaS and Paas.
12808891Very good presentation in the time given. Any longer and you may not have got so many coming so you were probably ok.
12810378Absolutely fantastic content.
12810987Well done to AUSOUG for arranging a world class expert to present to our group.
12822038Useful and informative.
12822178I like the demo, look pretty easy to create an instance.
12822901Enjoyed it so much. Learned and understood every bit of it.
12822931Excellent, thank you
12910318Thank you
129103264 hours is a good duration for such a general over. Well presented and structured, with enough flexibility to follow up the audience's questions.
12910355Excellent workshop
12910474Presented a lot of practical information. Informal and flexible presentation, but didn't get bogged down
12910502Surprised it didn't get boring at all. 4 hrs is usually a long time to sit and listen.
12910683I'm not an Oracle DBA and therefore I was concerned about the content of the workshop, however I was pleasantly surprised how business & architecture oriented the content was. It was a great session and I found it very valuable. Thank you!
12915027I really enjoyed. Frank is obviously an expert in his field so it was well worth the time to spend listening to him on this very current topic.
12926050Time well spent.
12926174Fantastic :-) I should have googled about Frack before getting down there and should have asked my collegue to do so. I thoughly enjoyed. It should have been for a day. As it is still maturing, not many people outside world aware about this, unless Oracle launches then there will be a lot of sales push and expose to every architect/administor/developers
12929597Very informative.
12929715Very good. I wish a few of my colleagues had come along.
12929780Overall, I liked the presentation, covering all aspects of Cloud tehnology.
12943586I like that the topic was something that I had heard a bit about but had never got around to looking into. The workshop was a timely opportunity to get a nice over of cloud computing. Most importantly the workshop was informative and entertaining.
12943721Excellent! Would thoroughly recommend
12945403Engaging speaker, interesting content.
12952631Very information. I didn't know it is so economical to get in the cloud.
12955988Excellent presenter with a wealth of knowledge. I must say I was very skeptical about the cloud hype, Dr Munz has completely changed my point.
12956218I found it an interesting and informative session on cloud computing.
12956379It was a good session. It helped to give me a better understanding of cloud computering